Sitka Spruce  
    Sailing Dinghy  
  Rich Passage masts and booms are fabricated from cross grained laminations of Sitka Spruce. In addition to their natural beauty, the final assembly is both light and strong. Unlike an aluminum mast, the positive buoyancy of the wood mast will also be an aid in righting a capsized craft. While helping to keep the boat from "turtling", the buoyancy of the Sitka Spruce also allows the rigging to be removed from the capsized boat during the righting and bailing process, and continue to float until it is retrieved.  
Mast Cross Section
  Both the "captured foot" boom and the three stayed mast have a keyhole groove to capture the boltrope of the sail luff and foot. The "loose foot" boom does not have the boltrope groove. The top and bottom mast sections are connected with a fiberglass sleeved scarf joint. The assembled mast height is 15'4" and the boom is 8'3" long. The boom is connected to the mast with a stainless steel gooseneck fitting and slide. There are two boom mounted stainless steel mainsheet blocks for trimming the sail and a mast head sheave for the halyard. The sail is 50 square feet of 4 ounce white dacron with three battens. Specifically designed for the 9'1" Ranger Minto sailing dinghy, the rigging can be adapted for use on any small craft.  
    Rich Passsage Minto    
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