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35th Annual Minto Mingle

June 20-22 Dockton Park, Vashon Island, WA

  • Meet and greet: Friday evening for those staying on big boats
  • Racing Saturday and Sunday
  • Potluck Saturday Night
  • For more information contact:

June 29 - July 1, 2012
Gig Harbor
(Arabella's Landing)
Watch 2007 Minto Mingle
  The Three Tree Point Yacht Club of Des Moines, WA has been hosting the annual Minto Mingle since the early 1970's. The Minto Mingle is a weekend dedicated to having fun Minto racing, with the emphasis on fun (no protests are allowed). Although the event is hosted by TTPYC, anyone is welcome to participate and usually there are a number of non-TTPYC folks that do. Depending on the number of non-Minto owners who also want to race additional non-owner heats are sometimes run. This year the Minto Mingle will be held in Gig Harbor at Arabella's Landing. So, you can come by boat (reservations are needed at Arabella's) or by land vehicle. The TTPYC hosts a pot luck Saturday night. If you are not a TTPYC member and want to join in on the fun contact Ron Moblo at 253-265-3607 or  
  Rich Passage Boats 360-357-4999